Ellie Doty

Ellie Doty is the CMO of Dolphin, leading company wide branding, communications, and strategy. She has an 18+ year career in marketing and brand building in multi-location, iconic brands across the globe including KFC, Taco Bell, Chili’s and Burger King. For the past 7 years, Ellie has been in the CMO position for those brands, cross-functionally crafting and executing growth and turnaround strategies, leading and building diverse teams, creating relevant innovation, and navigating the shift to a dynamic, data-driven digital world. Ellie has a track record of success across the brands she has led, including years of consecutive sales and traffic growth. For the past year, she has translated these skills into a polymorphic marketing dream – consulting in hospitality, Web3, beauty, lifestyle, and SaaS. Her efforts have spanned from opening a Manhattan theatre and restaurant to minting an NFT collection. Ellie is active in DEI initiatives, a CHIEF member, Advisor in restaurant tech, Top 100 Brand Innovator recipient, panelist, and guest speaker.

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